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Come with us behind the scene of the BHBD photoshoot!

by BHBD - 12 Apr 2022
Come with us behind the scene of the BHBD photoshoot!

We are so happy to finally be live with our new collection, Portraits Of A Woman! We want you to be highly involved in our development and therefore, we would like to share our journey with you.

Before we had this great photography, a tremendous amount of planning was required. Everything was planned in detail every minute, and we are so happy with the result.

We were 2 make-up artists, 4 hairdressers, 1 stylist, 2 photographers and 2 content photographers. Then of course, we had 4 fantastic models that made it all super fun! In this team, we had such a fun and creative photoshoot that participated in our new "photos for Portraits Of A Woman. With this new collection, we have created 9 new moods.

Let's have a look at some action photos from behind the scene.

Hair and makeup BHBD wig photoshootBHBD wigs hair and makeup photoshoot

Hair & Make up

Shooting gorgeous Audacious with our model Linca, the most perfect purple wig! You can also see Grounded perfectly matched with a hot pink suit. You also get a glimpse of Adam Lukacs working his magic!


Photoshoot Bhbd wig 

We also have time for some selfies. Model Linka is wearing Lively 50cm.

BHBD wig photoshoot

Wonderful Emilia is wearing Electric and beautiful Alice is shooting for Lively 35cm


What would you like to see more of? More behind the scenes? More about the employes? Ask us everything!

Lots of love,


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