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Let us introduce..

by BHBD - 09 Mar 2022
Let us introduce..

We are overjoyed to finally introduce our brand new Limited Edition collection "Portraits Of A Woman"! The collection includes 9 moods where we have added new colors, new lengths, and new sizes. We are so proud and excited to now be able to show them and each presented individually! Let's start!

Say hello to Lively

Lively comes in 35 cm & 60 cm and has darker roots with lighter ends and trendy highlights in the front. Lively is movement, energy and enthusiasm, designed for the active, outgoing woman with an unlimited appetite for life, new experiences, and action. A style for the woman always on the go and on her way to the next thing on today’s agenda – whether it’s a meeting, activity, party or trying something completely new. No fear of missing out – never missing a beat.  

Have a look at Audacious

Audacious is 50 cm long comes in an edgy deep purple color with lighter purple highlights to create a dimension, with the trendy highlights at the front at the fringe, this is a true winner. The powerful style for the bold and spontaneous explorer, brave and at times reckless. It’s the colourful woman with true originality, always in opposition to the conventional, following the most crazy ideas, catching every opportunity and never letting anything stop her. Much like the bright lights of
the big city, pulsating with moonstruck, charming madness.




Fall in love with Blissful

Blissful is available in two lengths - 35 cm and 50 cm and comes in a beautiful blonde crispy light shade and a naturally darker root.. Bliss is a special form of happiness, characterised by contentment and peace of mind. The blissful woman is endowed with a deep feeling of thankfulness, appreciating the important things in life, such as health, love and friendship. All the things that this style conveys, with a natural elegance, embodying the wonders of every new day and all new possibilities.



Say hi to Radiant
Radiant comes in 40 cm and has a gorgeous brown color with honey-toned highlights to create a natural and gorgeous depth. Capturing the attention from everyone at a party or in a room, the radiant one expresses the nature of a woman with strong emotions and spirituality. Shining with wholesome vitality and a mysterious delight, she arouses curiosity from the people around her. This feeling of light from heart and soul, makes her a model and a natural leader among friends as well as new acquaintances. 




Meet Determined

Determined comes in two lengths, 35 cm & 60 cm. In a mix of 3 colors, we have developed a deep warm perfect brown color. A distinct feeling of plans, passion and purpose characterises this style. Suited for the respected, professional woman in full control, with her mind set on challenging and exciting goals and visions. Determined, motivated and focused, she is also very conscious about her value and capability, as well as
her beauty. And comfortable in her own ability to tackle any challenges, professional or private.


Be captivated by Euphoric

Euphoric comes in 40 cm and has a soft transition from natural darker blond roots that melt into brighter natural blond lengths. Like a free spirit, floating slightly above the ground. This style conveys the sense of uncontrolled happiness where you lose touch with reality for a while. Induced by being madly in love, or infused with bubbles of excitement and exuberance. The euphoric woman is someone to envy, sparkling and on fire, refusing to let anything or anyone pull her down.


Rest you eye on Grounded

Grounded comes in 40 cm, and the best way to explain the color would be to say that is a soft, beautiful and subtle brown balayage suitable for everyone. A style expressing total balance and emotional stability, for the woman with a solid certainty that she will succeed with excellence, whatever challenges she is facing, in business, work or in her private life. Earthbound and calm, trusting herself and her own judgement, with integrity and a steadfast composure even in heavy storms. A beacon for the people around her.

All eyes on Vigorous
Vigorous comes 40 cm and has a gorgeous blond balayage from a darker root to a bright and light blond. The perfect length and contrast. At full speed, eager and energetic, the vigorous one is impressive in her commitment to get the job done, efficiently and always with the highest quality and dedication for her business. Her confident appearance and total focus on achieving the best results make her much appreciated, and a strong source of inspiration for colleagues as well as friends and family.

Last but not least, Electric

Electric in 50 cm is our vibrant peach copper-toned colored wig that everybody falls in love with. Glowing with a golden sensation of charisma, this style expresses thrill and vibrating excitement. Like a subtle current, ticking with energy that wants to be set free. Just like the creative woman who loves to experiment with her looks, her life, her work and her interactions, with an electric intensity, making the most of every day, every minute, every second.
That was all our new moods, which one is your favorite?
With Love 
The BHBD team
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