October - Breastcancer Awareness

October - Breastcancer Awareness

On our journey in the wig and hair industry, we’ve had the honor of getting to know women in all different situations. Many of them have or have had, among other things, breastcancer. That's why it feels extra good to know that we can be involved and help out in our way.

We can help by donating money to the Bröstcancerförbundet, and now can you as a customer also participate and easily contribute through a purchase! Take the opportunity to order products to a friend. Promise it will be the best gift, in all different ways!

Throughout October, we have created 4 different duo packs to be able to support and help the Breast Cancer Foundation together in such a simple way. It is our bestsellers that we know you already often buy, and now we will donate 15% of the profits on these duo packs to the Bröstcancerförbundet. 

 Let's go into each duo pack!


    Just as our own hair must be washed due to natural greasing, styling products and exhaust fumes, etc, wigs must also be washed properly for the exactly the same reason. It is important that you take care of your BHBD wig according to our advice, as we have developed these products according to the wig's needs. Every hairstrand is hand-knotted, therefore the wig requires to get the moisture it deserves! You achieve this easily through a deep cleansing shampooing and a deeply moisturized conditioner that must come into contact with the knots.




    Many of our customers asks if you can sleep with our wigs and wear them for several days, and yes - you can! By using our effective and reliable Bonding Glue, you can be sure that you don’t have to take your wig off, if you don’t want to. It is important then to remember that you should sleep with a silk pillow or silk hat to not create unnecessary wear on the knots. Once you then want to remove the wig, you should have a mild remover to be gentle but effective on your skin or lace. With a fresh scent of citrus, you can effectively remove your wig! To make it easy for you we put those two products together as a duo!  Bonding Glue + Bonding Glue Remover = reliable strength




      Nothing facilitates wigcare and styling as much as using a wigstand! You can on quality by letting the wig dry itself after each wash - the plus is that you get such a beautiful natural self-appearance on the wig! Then styling in an ergonomic position means that you also have better control and your shoulders do not become as sore! To facilitate the entire styling and installation, we recommend that you take help from our big favorites - the clips! Thanks to its clear design, you can get rid of a lot of hair at once and thus have more control over the installation and styling.




        There are some hairstyles that we simply can take our eyes away from! Two of them are when we see a styled wig with a distinctive midlle part or middle legs, sleeked styled! The other one we can not get enough of is a sleek snatched Ponytail - high and low! And behind every such look there is time and styling behind. We have made it easy to achieve both of these looks. Wax Stick + BHBD Brush = sleek look <3


        Hope you found some of your favorites in at least 1 in our 4 duo-packs! Tag us in both feed and story and let us share that you bought one of our duo-packs. Thank you for all the love and support you give to Bröstcancerfonden.



        BHBD Team