Give your natural wigs the love and care that they deserve. With our wig accessories it is easy to wear, fasten, care and store your wig. Our collection of wig accessories contains all you need to spoil your wig with products that help it keep its high quality.


This is where you store you Limited Edition Collection items.

price495 SEK

Clips 4-pack

Facilitate the installation or styling of your wig by using jaw clips.

price59 SEK


The ultimate brush for keeping your wig in the silky and healthy condition that it deserves to be in.

price200 SEK

Wax Stick

Are you looking for a easy solution to calm down fly aways for an even more perfect hairstyling? Here you have the answer – wax stick!

price250 SEK


This is an effective and medical safe glue that's reliable when you need that little extra oumph.

price200 SEK

Bonding Glue Remover

A gentle Bonding Glue Remover that helps you remove our Bonding Glue.

price200 SEK


A part of the BHBD unit rutine is to put on these easy precut self-adhesive tapes.

price200 SEK


The tape is sweatproof, easy to handle and perfectly suitable for your BHBD units.

price200 SEK


A spray that easily removes our tape from both your scalp/hair and the wig's lace.

price100 SEK


Give your wig the care it needs. Our Conditioner gives you a silky-smooth result immediately.

price230 SEK


A self-cleansing & moisturizing shampoo that is specifically developed to wash your wigs and provide maximum cleaning & care.

price230 SEK

Wig-Fix Dark Brown

By using wigfix, you get a fast and effective attachment for your wig without using glue or tape. Put it on like a hair band and you have fixation around the whole head thanks to small silicone studs that secure the attachment to the lace.

price120 SEK

Wig-Fix Light Brown

An easy way to fix your wig without using tape or glue.

price120 SEK