Alopecia Areta - The reason BHBD exists today

The reason BHBD exists today - Alopecia Areata.
You should be safe in knowing that we understand you and what you are going through. Louise Sköld, who founded BHBD, has Alopecia Areata herself and was looking for her dream wig but didn't feel like she found it anywhere. That's why she created her own wig. Today these are sold as wigs on our webshop and at carefully selected hairdressers. 
So, what exactly does Alopecia mean?
Alopecia means that you have an autoimmune disease which in turn results in the body forming antibodies against one of the parts of the hair follicles. It creates an allergy-like reaction against itself, resulting in losing one's hair in one way or another.
What are the different types of Alopecia?
Alopecia Areata - you lose hair in patches
Alopecia Totalis - you lose all the hair on your head
Alopecia Universalis - you lose all hair. Even body hair disappears
Who suffers from Alopecia?
Alopecia can affect anyone, anywhere, but it is most often seen in women. About 60% of them develop Alopecia before the age of 30. As it looks today, younger and younger women are affected by this disease.
What can we do for you?
We cannot make the alopecia areata go away, but we can make sure that you can get help in finding a wig for you that is comfortable, true to life, modern, and of the absolute highest quality. You can book an appointment at our Showroom in Stockholm or book a digital konsultation, where we go through all conceivable questions, and you can try on different wigs.
Should you live far from us, we have salons all over Sweden that sell our wigs where you can get help finding just the right wig for you. We call the hairdressers BHBD Friends 
Help from the Region
With the help of the Region, you can get a certificate confirming that you are entitled to a refund for a certain part of the wig's cost. We receive requisitions from many parts of Sweden's regions. We aim to have all of Sweden's regions shortly.
Here you can read more about whether you can use your requisition with us and which regions we have been approved in. Please read here about how easy it is to submit your requisition to us!