You have talked, we have listened. You have wondered, and we have developed. All our knowledge, experience, and craftsmanship turned into amazing products. The hair we've all been waiting for is finally here. BHBD is now launching BHBD extensions. Hair extensions that take your creativity to the next level and give your clients the hair they dream of. All BHBD extensions are of the highest hair quality, and this is something that you must experience. It provides a soft and vibrant feeling that resembles the customer's hair quality, making the styling last longer. Additionally, it is practical; it doesn't swell or tangle. It has thin, durable attachments and requires minimal trimming - convenient for you and your clients.

We strive to continue developing and improving our production by listening to your requests and being responsive to trends and developments. We are here to grow together with you and create the best products on the market.

Our products are for professional use only. Are you a hairdresser and want to work with BHBD extensions?

Become an BHBD extensions stylist

~ International color coding system.

Currently, we have 42 unique colors that can be mixed to create over 450 different shades. Several times a year, we release new colors based on trends and requests.

~ Invisible & standard attachments.

Our invisible attachments are machine-made, and the hair is sewn in a way that makes the attachment virtually invisible. For optimal results, the invisible attachments should be used in conjunction with our standard attachments. Our standard attachments are suitable for most hair types as they are soft and flexible. The standard attachment is made of keratin.

~ BHBD Certified.

The course consists of a theoretical and a practical part. In the theoretical part, you will receive a thorough overview of application, turnover, and product range. In the practical part, you will learn in detail how to do a full hair extension on a model you bring with you. After completing the basic course, you will become a certified BHBD Stylist. To start working with BHBD, you must be a trained hairdresser and complete our Certified training. For the training session, you will need a model for a full extension, four hair packages, and a product package. The training is available on-site at our training facility in Stockholm, and there is also the option to participate digitally. We can hold the course at your salon if four people are interested.

Do you want to start working with BHBD extensions?

Our products are for professional use only, if you are a professional hairdresser you can find BHBD extensions courses and products at our distributor, The Place To B.

Become a BHBD extensions stylist

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