Rental policy

Before renting a wig from us you need to sign a rental contract. The agreement is established between Big Hair Big Dreams AB, 559110-5803 (BHBD) and the counterparty (the Contracting Party), who, by signing, undertakes to comply with the requirements of the agreement.

After the agreement's end date, the products will be returned in their original packaging to BHBD. In case of return, the products that have not been returned will be invoiced. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, BHBD has the right to invoice the value of the products after the end of the agreement period if the product is not returned or is in any way damaged. The original packaging must also be returned; otherwise, an additional fee of 300 SEK will apply. The product may be returned unwashed. BHBD has the right to recall the loaned products before the end date of the agreement. The Contracting Party is responsible for handling the products with care and returning them in the same condition as when received. The Contracting Party is not allowed to cut, color or bleach the product.

Recommendations for using a BHBD wig:

Always brush the wig by starting at the bottom of the tips and then working gently towards the bottom. Remember that hairspray and other styling products can dry out the lengths and require extra moisture. Avoid pulling/tugging on the hair strands. Both the hand-knotted knots and lace are extra fragile and can, in the worst case, risk coming loose if pulled too hard. This is especially important when the wig is wet.

If you need to wash the wig (you only need to wash the wig if you borrow it for a longer period and use it every day), you must use BHBD's products.

1. Take a large amount of shampoo in both hands and apply it repeatedly to the wig.

2. Then gently comb through the wig, starting with the tips! Do not use circular motions. Repeat twice. It does not need to foam in the tips.

4. Be thorough when rinsing, preferably for 5-10 minutes. It is very important that no shampoo is left in the wig. BHBD's special conditioner can be used.

5.Prepare a water bath and add some conditioner (about a teaspoon) to the water and mix well.

6. Then dip the wig in with the tips first and then the lengths. Hold both sides of the wig when dipping and do not hold the lace-front. It is enough to dip the lengths; the bottom should not be dipped.