High Quality human hair wigs

We look to reform the industry, to reignite a natural approach to transforming your look, to enhance confidence. Together we're shifting the stigmas with our natural and comfortable Limited Edition wigs.

  • Determined Long

    Small / 60cm / 24"

    22 800 SEK

  • Lively Short

    Small / 35cm / 14"

    17 995 SEK

  • Vigorous

    Small / 40cm / 16"

    19 995 SEK

  • Electric

    Small / 50cm /20"

    23 850 SEK

  • Audacious

    Medium / 50cm / 20"

    24 500 SEK

  • Lively Long

    Small / 60cm / 24"

    25 995 SEK


"Wow, I have to say the hair quality of these wigs are so luxurious and feels so light on my head! I bearley feel it when I have it on even though its 24 inches long! Felt AMAZING getting my wig installed by the bhbd crew, so professional and amazing staff. Thank you BHBD, I'm in love with my hair!!"
" I've never been so happy with a wig as I am with this one, and it is the most comfortable & most natural wig I've ever had! "
- Ida Lysén
"I purchased two Magnetic / Long wigs. The quality of the hair is completely amazing, flawlessly realistic hair density, the hairlines are one of a kind and perfectly done. The cap structure is flawless, durable and gives a comfortable fit. I just love my wigs from BHBD. I feel effortlessly beautiful wearing their wigs."
I love having the freedom to play and change "looks". My BHBD wig is amazing and gives me everything my own hair can't :)!
-Efva Attling
The worst days in my life, is when my hair fell out. Which ended with me leaving the salon with nicer hair than when I arrived. Treatment number two was yesterday and I needed to feel, like me, on the way there, and home. This wig will save so much of my social life for years to come with treatments. So fucking grateful!
- Ida Åkerlind
I have always used different types of hair extensions, for everyday and party. But the different wigs from bhbd are so easy to care for and install - anyone can do it and get a super result in a short time. Neither itches nor gets hot as you know many other wigs can do. The hairline also becomes so natural, which is what is really the most important thing for a good result! I also have a ponytail from Adam Lucaks’s collection with bdhd and for me who has afro, it has been super difficult to find something that is easy to apply without standing for an hour and trying to get on the tassel. With the help of the strips that sit in the tassel that clamps, it only takes a few minutes after styling your own hair to get on and off the tassel and it is 70cm long ?! Pure dream !!!!
- Linda Qcarter
"Got the chance to try one of your wigs for a day and just say WOW so nice! Looks so natural, especially in front of the hairline and in the part. And the hair felt really great! Got a lot of compliments when I had it at a baptism. It will probably be a purchase next time I need a new wig. "
- Renée Sjögren
"I have never been as happy with a wig as I am with my Lively, it is the most beautiful and comfortable wig I have had on my head, and so real looking it’s har to see that it’s a wig! Love the wig and how it raises my self-confidence, I have the team behind BHBD to thank for!"
- Olivia utterstedt
"I am so happy to have found you and your beautiful wigs after I have tried a lot of different brands for 5 years. Even though I have not chosen to use a wig voluntarily, I would have chosen your wigs every day of the week, even if I had had hair! "
- Johanna biehl

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