Here are some common questions our customers have about wigs and purchasing wigs.
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A wig with real hair can last for months or even years with proper care. Following our advice you will maintain your wigs high quality and it will last longer!

Sure! You can sleep with the wig if you use, for example, our Bonding Glue. In that case, it is essential that you sleep with a silk pillow so as not to tear the knots. Gathering the hair in a braid or silk hat will prevent the knots from unnecessary wear.

It's important to adjust the wig so that it remains securely attached. You will be able to adjust the wig yourself and you can also use a wig glue for a stronger attachment. BHBD can provide help and assistance to ensure the right attachment customized to match your lifestyle and requirements. If your natural hair is thin BHBD have a specially designed cap with extra PU to make it stick to the head even more securely.

No, the wig is not perceived as hot. The wig cap itself is made of a thin, light and airy material that breathes naturally and allows your own scalp to breathe.

If you use it every day you should wash it every 3rd day. You should always use our products for the best result. Always read the instructions that come with the product.

Ofcourse, at least with our wigs! Even though we have wigs made of natural hair, it is possible to flatten and curl just as usual! Remember heat protection.

Yes, since it's real hair you can use heated styling tools. It is as easy as styling your own hair!
You can colour the human hair products at your hairdressers. Remember that as soon as you cut or color your wig, the guarantee will automatically dissapear.


Receiving a requisition from your county council means you are entitled to compensation for a specific part of the wig's cost. We are pleased to announce that we can finally receive requisitions from some of Sweden's county councils. We work hard to receive requisitions throughout all regions of Sweden and have so far approved in: Stockholm Län, Uppsala, Västernorrland, Västmanland, Halland, Kalmar, Västragötalands Län, Skåne Län, Kronobergs Län, Södermanland, Jönköping Län, Region Sörmland, Blekinge, Värmland, Västerbotten, Dalarna, Gävleborg & Jämtland Härjedalen

Each individual county council has different grant rules regarding wigs, regarding the amount of grants. However, it works in the same way you get it after a specialist doctor has assessed whether there is a need for a wig. It could be if you have Alopecia or have undergone chemotherapy treatment.

If you have received a requisition from the county council, for example from suffering from cancer or alopecia, you will receive compensation for part of the wig. You get different grants in all other county councils, but they are usually between SEK 2,000 and SEK 7,000..


A wig should not feel like wearing, but it can always feel different right at the beginning if you are new wig wigs. Thanks to the fact that we have swiss lace, we offer the softest material, which means that the skin can breathe and you will get a more natural result.

A wig stays on for a different amount of time, depending on how you decide to attach it. If you use, for example, our tape, we recommend that you remove the wig every night. On the other hand, if you use our glue, you can use the wig for 4-6 days in a row!

Wigs can be made of anything from synthetic to natural hair. We have chosen to currently only work with natural hair wigs as we believe that it gives a natural result, and you can style it just as if it were your own. Synthetic hair is made of plastic and melts from a certain degree.

A wig fits right if it fits comfortably and gives a natural impression! If you need tips and tricks, you can always contact us for a consultation! Book it today.

The choices are endless! Under tutorials and information on our website you can see some tips on how we recommend attaching them!

We have various hairdressers in Stockholm who can help you with a thorough consultation, to then order and cut the wig for you. We also have a Showroom in Stockholm where you are warmly welcome for a consultation, after which we can tell you which hairdresser you can go to and have your wig cut at. These also take requisitions!

Yes you can, but the more hair you have, the more you might need extra clips on the cap to ensure a firm hold.

No, we only have real human hair to provide the highest quality.



Absolutely! Both wigs can be used seamlessly whether you have hair or not!

Full lace wigs provide a natural hairline and allow many styling options, as the hair can be combed and styled in different directions. Since the entire frame is made of full lace, it is also more airy and comfortable. It really lets the skin breathe!

Half lace wigs are usually lower in price than full lace wigs. They also provide a natural hairline thanks to the lace at the front hairline. The rest of the frame, which is built on flexible bridles, ensures a stable fit.

Generally, you can style your hair in a full lace wig more versatile than a half lace wig. Because full lace wigs have full Swiss lace over the entire wig frame, the hair can be combed and styled in different directions, including sets and braids, for example. With a half-lace wig, you can usually style the hair at the front hairline, but the styling options may be more limited at the rest of the frame.

Yes, both full-lace and half-lace wigs can usually be adjusted in size to fit different head sizes. They come with adjustable straps inside the frame to provide a more customizable fit.

Both full- and half-lace wigs can create a natural hairline. They both feature a Swiss lace front that blends in with your own hairline, giving a realistic look. Question: Which type of wig is more durable - full lace or half lace? Answer: Both types of wigs can be durable if cared for properly. It depends on how well it is maintained. Full lace wigs can be slightly more delicate because the entire wig base is made of lace material, which can be more delicate than the material used in half lace wigs. It is essential to be careful when handling and styling both types of wigs to maintain the longevity of the wigs.

It is generally not recommended to sleep with wigs, regardless of whether they are full lace or half lace, but you absolutely can if you want to. Sleeping with wigs can cause chafing and wear on the wig. It is best to take the wig off before going to bed to avoid unnecessary wear and tear on the hand-knotted strands.

Both full-lace and half-lace wigs require regular and proper care to maintain their quality and longevity. It includes thorough washing, the use of appropriate hair care products, proper storage, and careful handling when styling. Protecting the wig from heat and excessive friction is essential to avoid damage.

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