Have you received a requisition from your county council and are interested in buying a wig? We are more than happy to help you find your dream wig!

Receiving a requisition from your county council means you are entitled to compensation for a specific part of the wig's cost. We are pleased to announce that we can finally receive requisitions from some of Sweden's county councils. We work hard to receive requisitions throughout all regions of Sweden and have so far approved in:

    • Stockholm Län
    • Uppsala
    • Västragötalands Län
    • Skåne Län
    • Kronobergs Län
    • Jönköping Län
    • Västernorrland
    • Halland
    • Kalmar
    • Södermanland
    • Region Sörmland
    • Blekinge
    • Värmland
    • Västerbotten
    • Dalarna
    • Gävleborg
    • Jämtland Härjedalen


How do I use my requisition?

Purchase the wig you want on our website. After your purchase you to send us your original requisition along with a note with the information we have specified down below. After your requisition has been approved and we have received compensation from your county council. We will transfer the amount to your bank account. Keep in mind that it will take at least 45 days from that we have received your requisition for you to get money back.

Important! Make sure you have not used this year's requisition already! and that you send all information we need to process your payment back.

The following information need to be added on the note you send us.

First name:
Last name:
Social security number:
phone number:
Clearing number:
bank account number:

How does the payment work?

You need to order your wig as usual on our website. Then you send the original requisition to us, which we then take care of. As soon as we have received the money back from your county, we will transfer the requisition amount to the bank you have.

Where should I send the requisition?

Send it to:


Saltängsvägen 11
72132 Västerås


What is included in the requisition for BHBD webshop?

  • The amount you are entitled to use for a wig purchase. All counties have different sums.

What is not included when using requisition at BHBD webshop?

  • The wigcut
  • If you want to have it cut in by a hairdresser who also provides a haircut, we have hairdressers to recommend. The individual cost is between you and the hairdresser!
  • The wig consultation costs 500sek but if you buy a wig after your consultation we will reduce the wig price with 500sek.
  • Return visits, but you are always more than welcome to have close contact with us in the meantime!


If you want to use your requisition, we recommend that you contact us and we will help you!

With Love