Our full lace wig is made from a transparent Swiss lace that covers the entire wig frame. This means that the hairs are tied by hand, strand by strand, on the whole surface of the wig, which gives a natural and realistic appearance. You can style the hair in a full lace wig in various ways, including pulling the hair back or creating bones anywhere on the head. Full lace wigs are versatile and flexible, allowing you to create different hairstyles without worrying about the wig frame showing.

Regarding our half-lace wigs, they are built with Swiss lace only in the front part of the wig's body and the ends, from ear to ear. The hair is tied by hand only in the front part of the wig's lace, while the rest of the wig's frame is stably machine-sewn with the help of bridles. Half lace wigs give a more natural hairline in the front and allow you to change the parting or have bangs, just as if it were your own hair. Styling options may be slightly more limited than full lace wigs, as the rest of the wig base is less versatile.

The choice between full lace and half lace depends on your preferences and styling needs.

What are the advantages of the different caps?

Advantages of full lace wigs:

Realistic appearance: As the hair is tied by hand on the entire cap, it gives a natural and invisible hairline. It looks like the hair grows directly from your own scalp all over the cap.

Flexible styling: You can style your hair in different hairstyles, including pulling your hair back, having different partings, and creating different styles. Full lace wigs allow you to be creative and adapt the hairstyle to your wishes.

Better breathability: The transparent Swiss lace allows better airflow to your scalp, which gives a more comfortable feeling, especially in hot conditions or if you are extra sensitive after chemotherapy.

Advantages of half lace wigs:

Natural Hairline: The front of the frame provides a realistic, natural look. It also has bleached knots, which means that no knots are visible.

Easier maintenance: Half lace wigs can be slightly easier to clean and care for than full lace wigs, as the frame only covers part of the wig's surface.

Affordability: Compared to full lace wigs, half lace wigs are lower in cost as the time required is less demanding.


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