BHBD Education.

Become a certified BHBD extension & wig stylist


Become certified for tape extensions

To be able to apply and work with BHBD Extensions, you need to undergo training in tape extensions. You do this through our BHBD Certified course. The course consists of both theoretical and practical components. In the theoretical part, you will receive a comprehensive overview of application, maintenance, and our product range. In the practical part, you will carefully learn to apply a full extension (4 hair packs) on a model you bring with you. Upon completing the basic course, you will become a certified BHBD Stylist. For the training session, you will need a model for a full extension, with 4 hair packs. After the course you will be a certified BHBD Extensions stylist.

The BHBD Certified training program is available both physically and digitally. We are more than happy to come to your salon and provide training if there are 4 or more people interested in getting trained.

The cost for the course is a BHBD start package: 1995 sek excl. vat

The starter package includes:

  • 1 x BHBD Color ring
  • 1 x Reapplication head + needles
  • 1 x BHBD Tape Standard (60 strips)
  • 1 x BHBD-remover 237 ml
  • 1 x BHBD-tail comb

Refresh your knowlage

This is the perfect training for you if you’ve already completed BHBD Certified or have previous training in extensions and want to further expand your knowledge, methods, and skills. During this course, you’ll learn all the tips and tricks to become a truly sharp extensions stylist. We’ll cover BHBD’s range and how and when to use the various products - to provide your customers with the best possible service. Available in: Physical and digital formats.


Become a wig expert

BHBD MASTERCLASS is more than just a training session - it’s an opportunity for you, as a hairdresser, to elevate your skills and transform your salon experience. It’s also an opportunity to expand your clientele and offer services to customers who want or need wigs for various reasons. Step into the world of wigs with confidence as you learn the art of consultation, precision cutting techniques, and the subtle nuances of shading. Discover the power of wigs to empower your clients and master the art of wig care, styling, and customization. Let us guide you through this journey of creativity and innovation, where every wig becomes a canvas for your artistic expression. Join us as we unlock the endless possibilities of beauty with BHBD


We offer the course at our showroom, but are more than happy to come to your salons and provide on-site training. The course is also available digitally for those who prefer it, but keep in mind that it’s important for you to have the necessary materials for the course session.