Tape & Attachments.

Here we guide you what attachment and tape you should use when and where. Our tape is designed to be gentle on the hair and scalp, and it leaves no residue when removed. The tape is also very thin and flexible. So it can therefore be used on very thin hair without causing any damage.

BHBD Tape extensions: 35cm, 50cm, 60cm. Dark brown neutral 100% real hair.

Standard attachments

You mainly want volume – and a bit of extra length. Have never tried extensions before and want to start with a small change. Have shorter hair and want to start with a length that is easy to style and take care of. Want hair extensions that do not require too much maintenance

Invisible attachments

You desire both extra volume and length. You want long hair. You want varied styling. 50 cm is our best seller and fits most and if you think it's a bit too long, you can always cut your extensions a bit shorter. For a more natural result.

BHBD standard extension tape.

Standard Tape

It’s used when making a “sandwich”. Whish means that you put two hair extension attachments together. This is the standard tape used for bonding the extensions to the hair. It has a double-sided adhesive surface that allows it to be attached to both the hair extension and the hair.

BHBD Seamless single sided tape 60 strips.

Single Sided Tape

This tape is used when only using one hair extension attachment. As a "stop tape" to secure the extensions in place. It has a matte side and a sticky side, and it can be attached above or below, depending on the desired result. You can use it when you want less fullness, color transformations or filling the sides.