BHBD Tape Extensions Warranty.

At BHBD, we offer 6 months warranty on the hair quality.

We use only 100% Remy Hair of the highest quality, which undergoes an extensive 10-step quality control before reaching you as a customer. This ensures that our hair extensions always live up to our high standards.

Warranty terms

For the warranty to apply, you must use BHBD's hair care products on the hair. No other products may be used. The warranty covers the quality and the attachments but does not cover the color after 6 - 8 weeks, i.e. after the first reapplication. As we work with 100% real hair, the color will eventually become a little lighter / warmer over time, just like with your or your own hair, and then you may sometimes need to top up with pigment again. You must also follow our care guide. This will ensure that you get the most out of BHBD tape extensions and it will give you long lasting beautiful hair.

Taking care of tape extensions

It's important to always follow our care guide. This will ensure that your hair extensions will be long lasting while keeping it's amazing quality. Read our simple step by step hair care guide and our do's and don't when it comes to tape extensions.