Luna Legacy wig / 50cm

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16 875 KR
16 875 KR
This luxurious wig is crafted from the finest human hair. It blends cooler and warmer blonde highlights. It has an ashy dark blonde root. The root creates a captivating mix of shades. Our half-lace wigs has hand-tied human hair. It has a pre-plucked hairline and bleached knots. This ensures a natural hairline and parting. It fits secure but comfortable on your head. Style it as you wish to match your mood and occasion.

~ 100% Highest Quality Real Remy Hair
~ Half Lace With Hand-tied Hair
~ Transparent HD lace

Size: Extra small
Length: 50cm / 20"
  • BHBD

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~ Natural look
~ Simple application
~ Secure fit
~ Natural hairline & parting
~ Glueless
~ Adjustable size
~ Endless hairstyling options
~ Decide for yourself where you want the parting

This is a simple step by- step guide on how to wash and maintain the high quality of our BHBD wigs. To get the best possible durability and results, it’s important that you use the right products and follow our recommended care advice!


Close all clips, remove the band and rinse through the wig. Take a dollop of BHBD Shampoo and gently stroke it along with the hair. NOTE! Do not use circular motions! If the wig is dirty after styling products or wig glue, we recommend filling a bowl with 1l of warm water with a dollop of BHBD Shampoo. Lay down the wig and let it soak for 10 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly throughout the wig, so all the shampoo disappears. Repeat 2 times.


Alt 1.

Fill a bowl with 1 liter of warm water and mix in 1 dollop of BHBD Conditioner. Let only the lengths soak in the bath for about 5 minutes. Pick up the wig and do not rinse! Leave the remaining BHBD Conditioner and let it act as a classic leave-in conditioner. Hang the wig on a BHBD Wig stand and let it self-dry!

Alt 2.

Pour over 1 dollop Conditioner into a water spray bottle. Spread evenly over towel- dried hair and do not rinse. Avoid to spray on the knots. Hang the wig on a BHBD Wig stand and let it self-dry!


Always brush through the wig by starting at the ends and then working gently towards the bottom.

Remember that hairspray and other styling products can dry out the lengths and require extra moisture, for example through longer Conditioner baths.

Avoid pulling/tearing the hairs. Both the handtied knots and the lace are extra sensitive and can in the worst-case risk loosening if too much is being pulled. Extra important when the wig is wet.

*only applies to swedish customers

Receiving a requisition from your county council means you are entitled to compensation for a specific part of the wig's cost. You can use your requisition when purchasing a wig in our webshop if your county council is on our list here . If you can't find your region on our list and want to buy a wig and use your requisition, don't hesitate to contact us, and we will try to help you. We work hard to receive requisitions throughout all regions of Sweden.

Read here for more information if you want to use your requisition in our webshop

Luna Legacy wig / 50cm

Luna Legacy wig / 50cm

16 875 KR

Luna Legacy wig / 50cm

16 875 KR
Size: Extra small
Length: 50cm / 20"
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Man blir så imponerad av kvalitén och peruken ser så naturlig ut. Det finns ingen som kan se att det är en peruk. Jag får så mycket komplimanger och känner mig verkligen trygg när jag har den på mig.
Sara och Caroline är supergulliga och engagerade hela vägen och så hjälpsamma.
Jag önskar att alla som drabbas av håravfall av olika anledningar kunde ha möjligheten att få hjälp av BHBD. Tack Sara och Caroline ❤️ både ni och era peruker är verkligen en av mina räddare i kampen mot bröstcancer.

Anette Nurmela

Obsidian är en superfin peruk som ser väldigt naturlig ut och är skön att bära. Hoppas att ni snart tar emot rekvisitioner från Östergötland.