Statice wig / 30cm

Half lace

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On demand - delivery within 3-5 weeks

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Statice is a medium blonde wig with subtle natural and golden tones. It has a naturally darker root that gives the wig a dimensional effect. To give it a modern touch, it has a moneypiece in the front, which creates a trendy look. With its 30 cm in length and neatly cut hairstyle, it makes a proper statement. To achieve a more authentic look, the knots at the bottom have been bleached to mimic the natural scalp.

  • 100% Highest Quality Real Remy Hair
  • Half Lace With Hand-tied Hair
  • Transparent HD lace
Why Choose BHBD Half lace wig?

~ Natural look
~ Simple application
~ Secure fit
~ Natural hairline & parting
~ Glueless
~ Adjustable size
~ Endless hairstyling options
~ Decide for yourself where you want the parting



Care guide

This is a simple step by- step guide on how to wash and maintain the high quality of our BHBD wigs. To get the best possible durability and results, it’s important that you use the right products and follow our recommended care advice!


Close all clips, remove the band and rinse through the wig. Take a dollop of BHBD Shampoo and gently stroke it along with the hair. NOTE! Do not use circular motions! If the wig is dirty after styling products or wig glue, we recommend filling a bowl with 1l of warm water with a dollop of BHBD Shampoo. Lay down the wig and let it soak for 10 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly throughout the wig, so all the shampoo disappears. Repeat 2 times.


Alt 1.

Fill a bowl with 1 liter of warm water and mix in 1 dollop of BHBD Conditioner. Let only the lengths soak in the bath for about 5 minutes. Pick up the wig and do not rinse! Leave the remaining BHBD Conditioner and let it act as a classic leave-in conditioner. Hang the wig on a BHBD Wig stand and let it self-dry!

Alt 2.

Pour over 1 dollop Conditioner into a water spray bottle. Spread evenly over towel- dried hair and do not rinse. Avoid to spray on the knots. Hang the wig on a BHBD Wig stand and let it self-dry!


Always brush through the wig by starting at the ends and then working gently towards the bottom.

Remember that hairspray and other styling products can dry out the lengths and require extra moisture, for example through longer Conditioner baths.

Avoid pulling/tearing the hairs. Both the handtied knots and the lace are extra
sensitive and can in the worst-case risk loosening if too much is being pulled. Extra important when the wig is wet.

Delivery & Returns
Please see below a list of our delivery times and costs for Sweden and Rest of the World.
Country Time Cost Free
Sweden 2 - 3 work days 49 sek 500sek >
Denmark 2 - 3 work days 49 dkk 1000dkk >
United Kingdom 3 - 6 work days 15 € 1000£ >

Europe (Selected Countries)

3 - 8 work days 15 £

100€ >

USA & Canada 7 - 14 work days 39 $ 1000$ >
Rest of the World 7 - 14 work days 39 $ -

14 day returns*
Wrong color, length or size? - No problem! You can always return or exchange. We offer a 14 day returns or exchange policy if you are not happy with your order for whatever reason.

Exceptions applies* 

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Have you received a requisition from your county council and are interested in buying a wig? We are more than happy to help you find your dream wig!

Receiving a requisition from your county council means you are entitled to compensation for a specific part of the wig's cost. We are pleased to announce that we can finally receive requisitions from some of Sweden's county councils. We work hard to receive requisitions throughout all regions of Sweden and have so far approved in:

    • Stockholm Län
    • Uppsala
    • Västragötalands Län
    • Skåne Län
    • Kronobergs Län
    • Jönköping Län
    • Västernorrland
    • Halland
    • Kalmar
    • Södermanland
    • Region Sörmland
    • Blekinge
    • Värmland
    • Västerbotten
    • Dalarna
    • Gävleborg
    • Jämtland Härjedalen


How do I use my requisition?

Purchase the wig you want on our website. After your purchase you to send us your original requisition along with a note with the information we have specified down below. After your requisition has been approved and we have received compensation from your county council. We will transfer the amount to your bank account. Keep in mind that it will take at least 45 days from that we have received your requisition for you to get money back.

Important! Make sure you have not used this year's requisition already! and that you send all information we need to process your payment back.

The following information need to be added on the note you send us.

First name:
Last name:
Social security number:
phone number:
Clearing number:
bank account number:

How does the payment work?

You need to order your wig as usual on our website. Then you send the original requisition to us, which we then take care of. As soon as we have received the money back from your county, we will transfer the requisition amount to the bank you have.

Where should I send the requisition?

Send it to:


Saltängsvägen 11
72132 Västerås


What is included in the requisition for BHBD webshop?

  • The amount you are entitled to use for a wig purchase. All counties have different sums.

What is not included when using requisition at BHBD webshop?

  • The wigcut
  • If you want to have it cut in by a hairdresser who also provides a haircut, we have hairdressers to recommend. The individual cost is between you and the hairdresser!
  • The wig consultation costs 500sek but if you buy a wig after your consultation we will reduce the wig price with 500sek.
  • Return visits, but you are always more than welcome to have close contact with us in the meantime!


If you want to use your requisition, we recommend that you contact us and we will help you!

With Love 


Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Very pleased! First I booked a consultation and then I ordered the wig home. Very happy with the quality and how easy it is to use.
— Mona
Customer reviews
Very pleased! The wig looks very natural, fits and feels good! Very pleased!
— Susanne
IMG_4110 (1).jpg__PID:2ac837a1-00e9-4565-87c2-88265b5a9818
Customer reviews
Grateful 🌸 Received a cancer diagnosis in early autumn, made direct contact with Bhbd, humble treatment, got help quickly & they are so good. I'm a hairdresser myself & can say this is as good as it gets, my wig will help me during my journey ahead of me.
— Lisa
IMG_0244 (1).jpg__PID:2f63382a-c837-4100-a9b5-6547c288265b
Customer reviews
Super satisfied with the best wig! Fast delivery, nice product, we are always very satisfied with the BHBD products.
— Carina
Customer reviews
I'm are so impressed by the quality and the wig looks so natural. There is no one who can tell that it is a wig. I get so many compliments and feel really confident wearing it. Sara and Caroline are super sweet and engaged all the way and so helpful. I wish that everyone who suffers from hair loss for various reasons could have the opportunity to get help from BHBD. Thank you Sara and Caroline ❤️ both you and your wigs are truly one of my saviors in the fight against breast cancer.
— Jessica
IMG_4111 (1).jpg__PID:c837a100-e9b5-4547-8288-265b5a9818b5
Customer reviews
Fantastic wig! Really looks like my real hair, such nice quality! I had a bit of a struggle with cutting it, but then it fits like a glove 🙌
— Maria

Embrace A Natural Look

Natural Hairline: A half-lace wig's lace front provides a seamless and undetectable hairline, allowing for a realistic and natural look. The individual hair strands are carefully hand-tied to the lace, giving the illusion of hair growing directly from the scalp.

Breathability and Comfort: Half lace wigs are designed to be lightweight and breathable. The lace allows for better airflow to the scalp, ensuring a comfortable wearing experience.

Convenience: Half lace wigs are easy to wear and remove, making them a convenient choice for those who want a quick and effortless hairstyle change.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between full lace and half lace wigs?

Our full lace wigs are made from a transparent swiss lace that covers the whole wig cap. This means that the hairs are hand-tied, strand by strand to the entire surface of the wig, which gives a natural and realistic appearance all around the hairline and scalp. You can style your hair in a full lace wig in all sorts of different ways, including pulling the hair back, braids and ponytails. Full lace wigs are versatile and flexible and provides the opportunity to create different hairstyles without worrying about the wigcap showing.

Regarding our half lace wigs, they are built with Hd lace only in the front part of the wigcap and from ear to ear. The hair is tied by hand only in the front part of the wig's lace, while the rest of the wig's cap is machine sewn wefts. Half lace wigs gives a  natural hairline in the front and gives you the option to change partings or have bangs, just as if it were your own hair. The styling options may be slightly more limited than with full lace-wigs because the rest of the wig base is not as versatile. The choice between full lace and half lace depends on your preferences and styling needs.

Can I buy a wig, try it at home and send it back if it dosen't fit?

Yes, Of course you can, we have 14 days return policy. Just make sure the wig still has it's labels and is in it's original condition. 

How long does a wig with human hair last?

A wig with real hair can last for months or even years with proper care. Follow our advice you will maintain your wigs high quality and it will last longer!

Can I sleep in a wig?

Sure! You can sleep with the wig if you use, for example, our Bonding Glue. In that case, it is essential that you sleep with a silk pillow so as not to tear the knots. Gathering the hair in a braid or silk hat will prevent the knots from unnecessary wear.

Can I use heated styling tools on BHBD wigs?

Yes, since it's real hair you can use heated styling tools. It is as easy as styling your own hair!

Can my wig fall off?

You don't have to worry. Just make sure to adjust the wig size so that it remains securely attached. Use wig glue or tape to further secure your wig. If you have any questions or concerns about attaching your wig feel free to reach out to customer support we are happy to help you.

Customer Reviews

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Tack för all hjälp!

Jag är så nöjd! Tack igen för din hjälp och för att ni finns

Övertygad att den kommer hjälpa mig

Idag stylade jag min peruk, jag är så nöjd, känns såklart ovant men övertygad om att den kommer att hjälpa mig under min resa