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2 years have passed!

by Jennifer Karlsson 06 Nov 2022
2 years have passed!
Oh, wow 1, one more year - how crazy is that?!
We had the honor to have another year with you, which is better than we ever imagined. We were meeting more customers, getting longer relationships with you, trying out new colors and lengths, and SO much more! Let us some highlights of what happened in 2022!
So, where to start...
  • We launched a new collection all inspired by you! It's called "A Portrait Of A Woman," and we are soon all sold out.
  • Two amazingly talented women were added to our team - Jennifer, and Olivia! Jennifer works with our e-commerce and specializes in making it easier for you to give the information you need. Olivia keeps up with our social media and takes good care of our customers, both B2B & B2C.
  • We had our first exhibition to meet hairdressers here in Stockholm! It gave us butterflies to see our wigs in our plexiglass box and to see so many new faces that you will meet around in Sweden.
  • In September, we were a part of Hairfestival on Ellery Beach House, where we met 250 hairdressers and had workshops about how and why we exist, doing what we are doing and how we can provide a much more sustainable business.
  • We launched a collab together with Hairtalk Extensions called #recyclerepurpose so that we together can provide our customers with a more sustainable business. Hairdressers that works with Hairtalk can now, without extra costs, send us their customer's worn hair that we will make children's and womens wig and even more.

That is some of the highlights from this year and we CAN'T wait to show you what we have planned for you next year.. you will not believe your eyes.



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