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Book your Halloween hair.

by Jennifer Karlsson 21 Oct 2022
Book your Halloween hair.
We all know what it's like to plan an entire outfit, hair, and make-up for a big party or event. It's stressful and challenging to choose, and many wish it could be done more efficiently.

Make it easy for you, and let us help with your hair. You can rent our wigs, if only for a weekend!
Let us tell you more:
You go to (rent a wig page) and choose a wig, date, and send the request to us!

If the wig is not already booked, you will receive an agreement that you read and then approve, then we will send the wig to a post office near you!

Short wig (35cm / 14") SEK 400 the first day, then SEK 200/day.
Long wig (40cm-60cm/ 16" - 60cm/ 24") SEK 500 the first day, then SEK 300/day.

Shipping, solvent, and Wig Stripes are included in the price. If you choose to buy a wig after the rental, we will deduct the rental cost from the wig's price!

Once you have the wig, you get to style it exactly how you want! You can use flatiron or curl as desired. However, you must not cut hair or lace or use anything that destroys the wig itself.

Once the day has come to send it back, it is essential that you carefully brush through the wig, close all the clips, and put it back in the silk bag. Take the return label in the box and leave it at the nearest Schenker representative. That's how easy it is to send it back!

So, which wig do you want to rent for Halloween?

PS! Remember to tag @bhbd so we can see your photos and repost them!

Lots of love,
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