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1 Year Anniversary!

by BHBD - 06 Nov 2021
1 Year Anniversary!

What a year, what a fantastic first year. When we launched BHBD on November 6th 2020 in the middle of the pandemic, we were not prepared for how fast everything would go!

We've met so many strong women of different ages and life situations that inspires us every single day. We couldn't have any better customers than you.

This first year also made it clear for us at that we managed to fill that gap in the market that was missing. The natural, comfortable, hand-knotted wig of the highest quality with custom made haircolor and density. All for wanting to offer the most natural wig in the world.

We are so grateful for having the most amazing customers, and once again, thank you for following our journey to help and encourage women all over. We promise that next year will be more than you can imagine. We got some plans for you!

Lots of love,

Louise & Celine - the BHBD Team🤍

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