There are many myths about hair extensions that people believe to be true, so today we thought we would debunk nine of these and clarify whether they are true or false. 

BHBD facts and myths about hair extensions

Hair Extensions Fact 1: Benefits of real hair

The best hair extensions are both gentle and give you a natural result that looks like your own hair - that's one of the benefits of choosing real hair extensions instead of synthetic hair. It tangles less and can be styled and colored just like your natural hair.

Hair Extensions Fact 2: Lifespan

Hair extensions are a consumable product and will, just like your own hair, become worn with time if you expose it to styling products and use hot tools to style your hair. By choosing high quality hair and caring for it just like you do your own, you can extend its lifespan. Read our article about hair care tips and products to learn more!

BHBD Facts and Myths about hair extensions

The myth that hair extensions damage your natural hair.

Hair extensions don’t ruin natural hair. When correctly applied and maintained, they cause no damage. For those with thin hair, extensions can actually protect against heat tools and external factors by sandwiching natural hair between extension strands. 

The myth about not sleeping with extensions

You may have heard that you should take out your extensions at night before going to bed to reduce wear and tear. This is a myth that is partly true, for example if you use so-called "Clips" we would recommend that you take them out every night. We do not sell this type of extensions and therefore you do not need to worry about that. The only thing you need to think about is that you don't go to bed with wet hair, that you sleep with a bun or braid and that you use our products to avoid unnecessary wear and tear on your hair - just like you do to protect your own hair.

BHBD Facts and myths about hair extensions

Hair Extension Fact 3: Wear and tear

"Remy hair" is highly regarded for its quality because all strands align in the same direction, reducing friction and tangling. This alignment is achieved through a specialized technique during collection and treatment. BHBD's tape is very gentle on the hair and is designed not to damage your hair. It is suitable for people with Scandinavian and sensitive hair, but of course, BHBD is suitable for everyone. Contrary to myths, BHBD extensions do not damage your natural hair.

3. Hair Extensions Are Uncomfortable

If you are used to wearing extensions, it's not uncomfortable. However, for new users, having something in their hair might feel a little unusual at first, but it's not uncomfortable; rather, it's a matter of getting used to it. After a few days of wearing extensions, people typically find themselves feeling comfortable and BHBD's extensions prioritize comfort, ideal for both experienced and new users, ensuring quick adjustment. 

BHBD Facts and myths about hair extensions

Hair Extension Fact 4: Origin

Extensions and especially "hair extensions" have their origin in Asia. For centuries, Indian women have sacrificed their hair in temples and donated it to the gods to bring happiness and luck to their families, so-called "temple hair". In Europe, the trend of hair extensions took off in the 1980s - then often in the form of individual strands in unique and unusual colors. Today there are many more variations of extensions and they are more widely used all over the world. For many, they have become a natural part of their beauty routine.

At BHBD you can find the following types of hair extensions:

  • Tape extensions
  • Hairband
  • Ponytail

4. You Can’t Style Hair Extensions

The myth that styling becomes difficult with hair extensions is just a myth! With BHBD's high-quality extensions, styling becomes easier, and the results last longer. Our extensions, made from genuine human hair, not only offer effortless styling but also provide increased durability compared to your natural hair. With BHBD's extensions, you can explore various styles and creative expressions without worries, giving you the freedom to create a unique look that endures. 

BHBD Facts and myths about hair extensions


5. Hair Extensions Are High Maintenance

This myth depends on how high maintenance you are. If you're someone who is used to take care of you hair, extensions aren't any more complicated than your natural hair. However, it may be a change if you're someone who often goes to bed with wet hair and rarely blow-dries it or styles it, as you shouldn't leave wet extensions for too long since it causes wear and loosen the tape. Take care of your extensions the same way that you would take care of your own. 

6. Hair Extensions Are Only for Adding Length

Many people assume that extensions are only useful for adding length. However, they are also great for adding volume and fullness to thin or fine hair. Extensions can enhance your hair's overall look, regardless of its current length. Whether you want a fuller hairstyle, highlights without chemicals, or to experiment with styles, high-quality extensions offer versatility. BHBD's 100% real human hair extensions blend seamlessly, providing a natural look and feel, allowing you to achieve your dream hairstyle with added length, volume or both.  

BHBD Facts and Myths about hair extensions

7. Hair Extensions Are Expensive 

High quality extensions can often seem like an investment, at BHBD we understand the importance of offering options to suit various budgets. Our range of extensions caters to different price points, ensuring that everyone can experience the benefits of luxurious hair transformations. Furthermore, our extensions are designed to be long-lasting and provide beuaty and confidence to our customers.

8. Can you shower with extensions?

Yes, you can shower with your tape-in hair extensions. We recommend using BHBD Detox Shampoo to throughly clean around the bonds. Additionally, we recommend BHBD's other hair products as they are beneficial for both the extensions and your natural hair. It's better to wash your hair one time too many than one time too little if you're unsure, as it's important to keep the area around the bonds clean to prevent buildup of impurities and products. 

BHBD Facts and myths about Hair extensions


9. How much do tape-in extensions damage hair?

What makes BHBD truly unique is its gentle tape system, which preserves the quality of the client's hair. BHBD's tape is designed for the hair—not the skin—allowing for application on both thick and extra-thin strands. The bases of the attachments are small, measuring only 3 cm, minimizing stress on the natural hair. Rest assured, with BHBD, you never have to worry about compromising your hair quality.

BHBD Facts and myths about hair extensions

If you have further questions about BHBD hair, you can always book a consultation at your nearest BHBD salon or online at our website.