Dreaming of longer or fuller hair with a gentle hair extension that doesn't cause damage? Some methods can harm your hair, but the best hair extensions are those that preserve its health. Here, we guide you through various extension methods, including the gentlest options and how to find a stylist near you who offers gentle hair extensions.

The Best Hair Extensions

So, you've decided to get hair extensions? Which method is best, you wonder. The best hair extensions are those that don't expose your hair to chemicals. With these methods, you can achieve longer hair naturally, using natural products.

Tape Method

With the tape method, tape extensions are used, offering a gentle hair extension that protects your hair from external stressors and damage. This method is gentle on your hair and hairline, without causing any harm. As your natural hair grows, you can easily visit your stylist to replace the tape and reposition the extension. This makes the method more sustainable and environmentally friendly, as it can be reused multiple times. The tape method is suitable for those experiencing or beginning to experience hair thinning, seeking a gentle hair extension that won't damage existing hair.

Hairband Method

The hairband method is the fastest option for a gentle hair extension and doesn't require a salon visit. With a Hairband, it's easy to both attach and remove the hair on your own – ideal for adding length or volume before a dinner, party, or any event where you desire extra thickness or length in your hair. The hairpiece has an elastic surface and an adjustable string to fit all head sizes.

BHBD | Hairband

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Extend the Lifespan To make the most of your long, voluminous hair, it's essential to take care of it. Our BHBD products are specifically designed to be gentle on your hair and extend the lifespan of your hair extensions. Familiarize yourself with extension care tips to maintain long-lasting lengths!

Gentle Hair Extensions Near You

Where can you find the closest hair salon that uses BHBD? All stylists working with our hair extensions are trained in application and attachment. Find your nearest stylist for long-lasting and sustainable hair.

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