Do you feel like your hair never grows beyond a certain length? Everyone has their own limit to how long their hair can grow, and it’s genetic. Some people find that their hair grows longer but often stops at a certain length. Others have no limit to how long their hair can get. If your hair has never grown longer than a certain length, it’s likely that you have reached your maximum length.


With BHBD's gentle technique, you now have the opportunity to get that long, flowing hair you’ve always dreamed of! To attach BHBD, you need at least 2cm of hair. But how much can you really extend your hair? We usually recommend not extending more than double your own length for the most natural result. However, it is possible to extend more if you wish.

How does a consultation work? 

A hair extension consultation is an essential part of ensuring you get the best results and the right type of hair extension for your needs. Here's a condensed version of the process:


The stylist begins by welcoming you and initiating a conversation about your expectations and what you hope to achieve with the hair extensions.

Hair Assessment:

The stylist examines your natural hair to assess its health, texture, and density, including the scalp and hair length.

Type of Hair Extensions:

The stylist presents different types of hair extensions, such as tape extensions, weft, and hairbands. The pros and cons of each type are explained.

Color Matching:

The hair extensions are matched to your natural hair color to ensure a seamless blend.

Trial Fitting:

Sometimes, the stylist may attach some sample pieces to your hair to demonstrate how the hair extensions will look.

Length and Volume:

You discuss the desired length and volume. The stylist provides recommendations based on your hair texture and style.

Care Instructions:

The stylist provides advice on how to best care for your hair extensions, including recommended products and how often to wash and style the hair.

Maintenance Visits:

Information on how often you'll need to come back for maintenance, such as tape extension reapplication.


The stylist gives an estimate of the cost of the hair extensions and installation, as well as any recurring costs for maintenance.


You have the opportunity to ask questions about the process, the products, and expected results.

Schedule Appointment:

If you're satisfied with the consultation, you can schedule an appointment for the installation of the hair extensions.

A hair extension consultation is a personalized and thorough process to ensure you get a solution that meets your needs and delivers a beautiful and natural result.

BHBD Tape extensions: 35cm,50cm,60cm. Neutral beige Ljusblond 100% äkta hår.

How do I go about trying BHBD?

Start by locating your nearest authorized BHBD stylist by entering your city under the "Find a Salon" tab, then book a consultation. Hairdressers working with BHBD have undergone our training conducted by our skilled technicians. If the salon has the symbol "E / W" by its name, it means they have completed advanced training and can work with our wigs & hair extensions

How much will it cost, and how long can I use the hair?

It's difficult to give an exact answer without a thorough consultation. It depends entirely on the attachments, length, and amount of hair you need. It also depends on the style you're looking for! The possibilities are endless. You can extend, thicken, fill out, or change color? There are many different options, and your hairdresser will help you with this. A good tip is to bring an inspiration picture! The longevity of the hair depends on how well you take care of it—follow the care instructions and use our products.

Who are allowed to work with BHBD products?

When you book your BHBD treatment, you can trust that you are in good hands. Only authorized hairdressers who have undergone training with our leading BHBD Experts are allowed to perform these treatments. This ensures that we can guarantee the quality of our products and their proper use.


How many times can I use BHBD?

You receive a 21 weeks warranty on your BHBD hair quality. The number of times you can reattach your hair depends on how well you care for it.

How often should I move up my BHBD?

You should move up your hair every 6-8 weeks with your hairdresser.

Where can I see more transformations?

On our Instagram page, @bhbd, we post new pictures daily. There, you can find plenty of inspiration for all types of transformations.

The desire for long, flowing hair is something many of us can relate to. Perhaps you have tried to let your hair grow without success, or maybe you are just looking for tips to maintain and improve your current length. Regardless of your goal, we have gathered the best tips to help you on your journey to growing longer hair.

Taking care of your hair and treating it with care can make a huge difference in its growth. Everything from regularly trimming the ends to avoiding harmful chemicals can help boost your natural hair growth. A healthy diet and lifestyle can also provide your hair with the necessary nutrients it needs to grow and thrive. Even how you dry your hair can have an impact!

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