Question: Can both wigs be used regardless of whether you have hair or not?

Answer: Absolutely! Both wigs can be used seamlessly whether you have hair or not!


Question: What are the advantages of a full lace wig?

Answer: Full lace wigs provide a natural hairline and allow many styling options, as the hair can be combed and styled in different directions. Since the entire frame is made of full lace, it is also more airy and comfortable. It really lets the skin breathe!


Question: What are the advantages of a half-lace wig?

Answer: Half lace wigs are usually lower in price than full lace wigs. They also provide a natural hairline thanks to the lace at the front hairline. The rest of the frame, which is built on flexible bridles, ensures a stable fit.


Question: Can you style the hair in a half-lace wig like a full-lace wig?

Answer: Generally, you can style your hair in a full lace wig more versatile than a half lace wig. Because full lace wigs have full Swiss lace over the entire wig frame, the hair can be combed and styled in different directions, including sets and braids, for example. With a half-lace wig, you can usually style the hair at the front hairline, but the styling options may be more limited at the rest of the frame.


Question: Can you adjust the size of both full-lace and half-lace wigs?

Answer: Yes, both full-lace and half-lace wigs can usually be adjusted in size to fit different head sizes. They come with adjustable straps inside the frame to provide a more customizable fit.



Question: Can one use both types of wigs to create a natural hairline?

Answer: Both full- and half-lace wigs can create a natural hairline. They both feature a Swiss lace front that blends in with your own hairline, giving a realistic look.

Question: Which type of wig is more durable - full lace or half lace?

Answer: Both types of wigs can be durable if cared for properly. It depends on how well it is maintained. Full lace wigs can be slightly more delicate because the entire wig base is made of lace material, which can be more delicate than the material used in half lace wigs. It is essential to be careful when handling and styling both types of wigs to maintain the longevity of the wigs.


Question: Can you sleep with both full-lace and half-lace wigs?

Answer: It is generally not recommended to sleep with wigs, regardless of whether they are full lace or half lace, but you absolutely can if you want to. Sleeping with wigs can cause chafing and wear on the wig. It is best to take the wig off before going to bed to avoid unnecessary wear and tear on the hand-knotted strands.


Question: What kind of maintenance do full lace and half lace wigs require?

Answer: Both full-lace and half-lace wigs require regular and proper care to maintain their quality and longevity. It includes thorough washing, the use of appropriate hair care products, proper storage, and careful handling when styling. Protecting the wig from heat and excessive friction is essential to avoid damage.


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