Wearing a wig should not be something that is difficult or in any way different than wearing clothes. By using our bonding glue, you can wear your wig for 4-6 days until you should change or wash the wig.

So, how do you apply the glue?

1. Apply a thin layer on the hairline directly on the skin, let it dry for about 30 seconds until it becomes transparent.
2. Then place the lace where you have the glue and gently press the lace against the glue.
3. Let it dry
4. Avoid water on the area where you have the glue for 24 hours
5. You are completely done!

How to remove Bonding Glue?
Our new Bonding Glue is not only effective, it smells fantastic! With citrus oil in it takes care of both you and your wig while it easily and conveniently remove both wig and glue. Take a look at our video down below to see how you can remove the Bonding Glue with our Bonding Glue Remover!

Tips & Trix

Sleeping with your wig can result in unnecessary wear and tear for the hand-knotted hairs. But to maintain the quality of reducing wear, you can facilitate by sleeping with silk pillow or silk hat. It is also very good for your skin!