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Interview with our BHBD Family Member Johanna!

by BHBD - 03 Feb 2023
Interview with our BHBD Family Member Johanna!
This week we interviewed one of our fantastic customers, Johanna Biehl. We are so happy when our customers share their feelings and reviews about our products and work. 
Which BHBD wig are you wearing?
I wear the wig Romantic, but I have dyed it myself at my hairdresser.
How come you wear a wig?
I have been suffering from alopecia since six years ago.

What is important to you when it comes to wigs?
That the cap feels thin and airy and that the wig is easy to put on.
What tips do you have for those who buy their first wig?
You get what you pay for! So you should invest in a more expensive wig.


How does BHBD make you feel?

I finally feel safe in my illness, knowing I have my wig from BHBD. I don't miss my old hair anymore because I have the world's finest hair hanging on my wig head, waiting every day.


How did you find BHBD?
I sat one evening and googled and finally managed to find you! A pure coincidence.

What attachment do you prefer?
I like the BHBD tape the best!

Thanks, Johanna!
All love, BHBD Team!

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