recycle and repurpose

Did you know that 4 tons of extensions are thrown away in Sweden every year?

As you can understand, after hearing these figures, we see an opportunity for a change. What if we took the usable hair and made it into new wigs? What if we could help children and women who cannot afford to buy their own wig, to finally have the chance to buy a wig for a much lower price? Here we see a great opportunity in collaboration with BHBD.

Let us tell you how this works. When a customer decides to take out their extensions, it is extremely rarely because the hair itself is bad. It is usually because the attachment has become bad, the customer wants to get longer hair or make a color change. Here we can use this hair to create children's wigs and shorter women's wigs.

How will we do this? All BHBD salons can easily order 100% climate-neutral e-commerce bags from BHBD free of charge. Then you just need to brush, braid and put the hair in the mailbox. We pay for the postage. The bags are easily ordered via BHBD's customer service 

Use the hashtag #recyclerepurpose, and we will share on our social media that you are with us on this journey for a more sustainable world. Help us help others. When you choose to send back hair, it will help children and women who cannot afford a wig to finally be able to buy one.

Q & A Recycle, Repurpose.

How do you do it? Make sure the customer has washed their hair, take out the hair, brush it through and then braid it together. Then place the braid in your 100% climate-neutral e-commerce bag. Then simply send the bag by post, we pay the postage. Tag @bhbd  and #recyclerepurpose and we will share your commitment in our channels!

How do I get the Recycle Repurpose E-commerce bags?

You call the girls at BHBD customer service as usual and order Recycle Repurpose bags.

What do the bags cost?

It doesn't cost you anything.

Where do I leave the bag when it's full?

Simply put the bag in a regular mailbox!

Do I need to write an address and how many stamps? None of the above is needed. We have already printed all the information needed + already paid the postage. Just fill with hair and then put it in the mailbox.

Can you mix different hair? Yes, you can mix colors and lengths from different customers. The factory carefully selects hair that can be used for the wigs on site.

Who is BHBD? BHBD manufactures natural wigs made of real hair. For everyone who suffers from hair loss or for those who want to change their hairstyle without doing anything to their own hair. Discover BHBD's Wigs and accessories on their website.

Is it hair that goes to BHBD's regular wigs? No, this will be a completely new collection!