Desired outcome
1 pack for a color effect
2 packs for adding volume 
4 packs full extensions ( volume & length)
5-6 packs for those who have extra thick hair or wants a lot of hair.

Depending on your hair style or desired result you may need more or fewer packs.

Amount in each standard pack
35 cm: 19,2 g of hair
50 cm: 24 g of hair 
60 cm: 26,4 g of hair 

Amount in each invisible pack
35 cm: 19,2 g of hair 
50 cm: 22,8 g of hair

Choosing Attachments

Our attachments are 3 cm wide and 0.7 mm thin to be as gentle as possible on your hair. They are soft, flexible and long-lasting.

Standard - This is our bestseller. You can use it for a full set of extensions. But we recommend combining standard with 1 pack of Invisible.

Invisible - We recommend placing the Invisible attachment together with a standard attachment on the top row or where your hair is thin to achieve a completely invisible result.