Length Guide

At BHBD, we offer three different lengths: 35 cm, 50 cm, and 60 cm.

The same length can look completely different on different people. We recommend you to choose based on your lifestyle, height, and the starting point of your own hair. We recommend that you do not extend your hair more than double your own hair length for a natural look.

35 cm ~ suits you if

You mainly want volume – and a bit of extra length. Have never tried extensions before and want to start with a small change. Have shorter hair and want to start with a length that is easy to style and take care of. Want hair extensions that do not require too much maintenance

50 cm ~ suits you if

You desire both extra volume and length. You want long hair. You want varied styling. 50 cm is our best seller and fits most and if you think it's a bit too long, you can always cut your extensions a bit shorter. For a more natural result.

60 cm ~ suits you if

You want the longest hair possible you already have very long hair. Are an experienced extensions user. You like to take care of your hair, as it requires more maintenance. Unsure if you want 50 or 60 centimeters – then you can always cut your extensions and get something in between.

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