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Alopecia - The basis of BHBD.

by BHBD - 21 Jun 2022
Alopecia girl with our wig and without hair

Did you know that Alopecia is the basis for BHBD today? We know what it means to lose hair and not feel that you have the power over your own it. We want to give you that power by offering the most natural and comfortable wigs.

Louise Sköld, our CEO and founder, has Alopecia herself and could not find a wig that met her high demands. Therefore, she took matters into her own hands and created BHBD, the most natural and comfortable wigs on the market.

We have a clear goal with BHBD - we want to change the stigma around using wigs. That is why we have created wigs that suit everyone, regardless of whether you have hair or not. Let us show you how to cut a wig on one of our fantastic customers Olivia who owns Alopecia and decided to buy her own Lively / Long from our latest collection, "Portrait Of A Woman."


Olivia is wearing Lively Long

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