Finally, we have launched our new products Peach Dream and Capsuled Beauty! Peach dream is a sensational product offering beauty in a jar with a delightful taste of iced tea and Capsuled Beauty is a groundbreaking product that provides a powerful boost for skin and hair in convenient capsule form.

We have been eagerly waiting for you to experience these incredible products! Of course, we wanted to celebrate this launch in a special way by hosting two events last Friday, which were a great success!

To celebrate our launch, we hosted two fantastic events last Friday that we want to share with you! In the morning, we invited influencers to a summer brunch where BHBD's owners, Louise Sköld and her colleague Emelie Johansson (Hairtalkbyemelie), introduced the new products and their features to our guests. We also had hairstylists on site who could style their hair, reapply extensions, or simply trim their hair a bit so they could feel a little extra fabulous for Friday. 

After the successful brunch, it was time for event number two, a summer-themed after-work event held outdoors in our courtyard. We served pizza and delightful drinks inspired by our Peach Dream beverage! We are so happy that so many could join us for this fantastic launch day. We also want to inform you that Peach Dream and Capsuled Beauty are now live on our website for you to order. You can choose to order just a few drinks or a case of 24 to offer to your clients while they are in the salon chair...which we believe is the perfect moment to enjoy an ice-cold Peach Dream!

With warm summer wishes from all of us at The Place To B!