How many packs of hair do you need?

For a full extension, we usually recommend four packs, and for hair thickening, two packs. How many packs of BHBD are needed is, of course, very individual and can depend on the type of hair the strands are being inserted into, as well as how thick the hair is to begin with.

FFor someone with thinner hair, 2.5-3 packs may suffice for an extension that also provides a full and voluminous result. You can also achieve a nice thickening effect with just one pack of BHBD tape extensions and adhesive tape, which is suitable for someone with thin hair who doesn't want the hair extensions to weigh down too much.

How do you know how many packs are needed?

When choosing the number of packs as well as the length and BHBD attachments, you should always start from the length of the hair. The length should not be doubled as it can mean too heavy a load. This means that a bob, or other shorter hairstyle that does not go further than above the ears, should never be extended with strands longer than 35 cm.

To minimize wear and tear on the strands, it is important to book a time with your BHBD stylist for turnover of your BHBD hair, approximately every 6-8 weeks.