Washing your wig is just as important as washing your own hair. You keep the good quality in the lace and take care of the hair in the lengths. Washing your wig has never been so easy as with BHBD's own washing routine.

Wash your wig like this

Before you start your washing routine, it is important to close all clips and remove your tape if you wear that. Then brush thoroughly through the entire wig, preferably with our wig brush. Start at the bottom of the lengths and work your way up. Make sure you do not brush in the lace itself. Remember - avoid pulling too much in the lace; both the knots and the lace are more fragile when the wig is wet. TLC - tender loving care!

Wash your wig with shampoo

Take a click of BHBD Shampoo and gently stroke along the hair. NOTE! Do not use circular motions! If the wig is dirty from, for example styling products or wig glue, we recommend filling a bowl with 1 liter of warm water with a few clicks of BHBD Shampoo. Lay down the wig and let it soak, leave it in for 10 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly through the entire wig so that all the shampoo washes of.

Repeat twice. Continue with BHBD Conditioner.

Wash your wig with conditioner

There are two different methods to use when washing your wig with conditioner. For both methods, using our BHBD Conditioner gives you the best result.

Alternative 1

Fill a bowl with 1 liter of warm water and mix in one click BHBD Conditioner. Leave the wig in the bath for 5 minutes. Be careful not to get conditioner on the lace and knots. Pick up the wig and do not rinse out! Let the remaining BHBD Conditioner remain and function as a classic leave-in conditioner. Then hang your wig on your wig stand and let it self dry. If you are going away, it is super easy to blowdry - remember to use heat protection!

Alternative 2

Pour a dollop of BHBD conditioner into a spray water bottle. Use a towel and pat the wig lightly to get a towel-dried hair. Distribute the conditioner spray generously and evenly over the entire hair. NOTE! Do not get the Conditioner on the knots and lace. Do not rinse! Hang your wig on the BHBD wig stand and let it selfdry, if you do not want to blow-dry it ofcourse!




If you want to change your parting in your wig, this is a great time to do it when your hair is wet! Place the parting where you want to have it, that is where the parting then will remain until the next time you wet the wig!