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Swiss Lace - A natural choice for our first collection!

by BHBD - 25 May 2021

There is a whole jungle out there when it comes to choosing which lace to use in the manufacture of wigs. The important thing to keep in mind is to choose the right lace for the right kind of wig, with special regard to who is going to use the wig. For us, the choice for our first collection was obvious - we would have swiss lace. There is no doubt that nothing can compare with swiss lace when it comes to the ability to blend in with the skin. Thanks to this, our wigs can be worn by anyone regardless of the existing amount of hair.

Swiss lace meets our high requirements

Producing the world's most natural wigs takes a long time and requires careful consideration when it comes to quality and material selection. When we were faced with the choice of which lace we would use, we had these requirements:

  • The most natural material on the market
  • The most comfortable material for the skin on the market
  • The most exclusive material on the market

With these requirements, we finally landed in that swiss lace is the perfect option for our first collection that should suit EVERYONE! Thanks to the fact that we have swiss lace throughout the wig, it means that you can change your parting exactly how you want on the wig. It then still looks like a completely natural scalp.

A craft that suits everyone

Every hair is sewn by hand and you can change the parting completely according to your own preference. Swiss lace is ideal for those who have lost their hair for various reasons; who are going trough chemotherapy, who have been diagnosed with alopecia, or who have suffered from hair loss for other reasons. Swiss lace is also excellent for those who are looking for a quick and natural solution; they suit, among other things, the busy businesswoman or the one who does not have time to go to the hairdresser. Whether the wearer of the wig has hair or not, swiss lace suits all individuals!

Advantages of Swiss lace

  • It allows your skin to breathe thanks to the thin lace and the holes are slightly larger than other alternatives
  • It is known to blend into all different skin types and skin tones
  • Highest quality of all the market's different lace options

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