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How to attach a wig?

by BHBD - 25 May 2021
How to attach a wig?

How do you actually attach a wig? Just as we all have different makeup, hair and skin care routines, everyone also has their different routines for attaching their wig. Here we outline the different ways to attach a wig so you can find out which option suits you best! Below we describe 4 ways to attach a wig.

4 ways of attaching your wig to the head

1. Self-adhesive tape in pre-cut pieces

With pre-cut wig tape, you can quickly and efficiently ensure that the wig is in place all day. The pre-cut pieces facilitate the routine and make it easy to attach the wig - perfect for those of you who do not feel like an experienced wig user yet!

We recommend 3-4 pieces of tape each time you install the wig, depending on the size of your head. With our BHBD Solvent, it is easy to remove the tape every night.



2. Self-adhesive tape on a roll

Are you an experienced user when it comes to attaching a wig with the help of double-sided adhesive tape? Do you perhaps have your own preference already for what the size and shape on the tape should look like? Maybe you even know exactly how and where you usually need extra support? If that’s the case, the self-adhesive wig tape on a roll is the option for you! With our tape on a roll, you get a full 2.7 meters to experiment with. You can then easily remove the tape with our BHBD Solvent!


3. Wigfix

Do you want to be able to attach the wig completely without either tape or glue? Then we strongly recommend a wigfix. A wigfix is easy to use and sits just like a hair band around the head.

The wigfix is made of silicone and has small "spikes" of the same material that easily make the wig attach and sit firmly! Our wigfix is available in two different colors to suit all skin tones - a quick solution for those who require fast routines!


4. Glue

Do you want your wig to last on your head for 4-6 days without having to fix it every day? Then our Bonding Glue is what you should invest in! The glue is resistant to moisture and is excellent for people with oily skin. To maintain the high quality of the wig, we recommend that you sleep with either a silk pillow or a silk hat. This ensures that the knots in the lace to not wear while you’re sleeping.


How do you attach your wig? We want to know how your routine looks like when you attach your wig. Share your routine on @bhbd and inspire us!

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