Ponytail / Ambitious

100% Remy hair

Limited Edition

70cm / 27"

Ponytail / Ambitious

Ponytail / Ambitious

Adam Lukacs x BHBD

“When I created this ponytail, I got inspired by powerful women. In my daily work I’ve had the privilege to be surrounded by them, so I wanted to make a tribute.
Independent, brave and playful. Beauty with unlimited versatility with the power and confidence to step out in the world reborn.”



4 500 SEK


Frequently asked questions

Will it be securely attached?
It's important to adjust the wig so that it remains securely attached. You will be able to adjust the wig yourself and you can also use a wig glue for a stronger attachment. BHBD can provide help and assistance to ensure the right attachment customized to match your lifestyle and requirements. If your natural hair is thin BHBD have a specially designed cap with extra PU to make it stick to the head even more securely.
Can I use heated styling tools on the wigs?
Yes, since it's real hair you can use heated styling tools. It is as easy as styling your own hair!
Is the wig warm?
No, the wig is not perceived as hot. The wig cap itself is made of a thin, light and airy material that breathes naturally and allows your own scalp to breathe.
Can I colour my product?
You can colour the human hair products at your hairdressers. Remeber that as soon as you cut or color your wig, the guarantee will automatically dissapear.
How do I wash the wig?
If you use it every day you should wash it every 3rd day. You should always use our products for the best result. Always read the instructions that come with the product.
Can I have my own hair underneath?
Yes you can, but the more hair you have, the more you might need extra clips on the cap to ensure a firm hold.
Do you have synthetic wigs?
No, we only have real human hair to provide the highest quality.
Can I get a requisition for your wigs?
Yes, you can if you live within Stockholms lan and Vastragotalands lan. The process for getting approved for requisitions is slow but we are working to get approved in all of Sweden.