We are often asked who can wear a wig and the question comes both from people with and without their own hair growth. The answer to the question is that everyone can wear a wig - regardless of the starting position. This is made possible not least thanks to the swiss lace that we have chosen to use in our very first collection of natural wigs.

Wigs in different sizes

When you buy a BHBD wig, straps in 3 different sizes are included: S, M & L. It is useful for everyone, regardless of hair growth. The wig is also equipped with 4 clips that you can attach to your own hair if you have hair. If you do not have hair, you can attach the band to the clips, which in turn provide an incredibly good fit.

For you who have hair

Start by putting the hair in a low ponytail or in two braids and then, as close to your head as possible, attach the ponytail / braids. Use small hairpins or a wigcap to ensure that the hair is close to the head. You can then attach the wig in the desired way!


For you who don’t have hair

First you choose how you want to attach the wig. Prepare tape, glue or wig-grip and then put on the wig. Attach the band to the clips to provide a good fit. It's not harder than that!

If you have other questions or concerns about this, please contact us at info@bhbd.com