The "melt the lace" phenomenon is found all over the world and started in the USA. It is a method that makes it possible for the wig to blend into the skin so that the lace visually looks like the wearer's own skin. It is a super simple method and the trend continues! We explain how to do it!

Melt the lace - Step by step

Start by attaching the wig just as usual according to your preferences. As the finishing touch, it's time to "melt the lace". Here's how to do it step by step:

  1. Prepare a rat tail comb, Got2b Glued Spray, clips & a hair dryer
  2. Remove the hair away from the face using small clips
  3. Spray on the lacquer and wait for 10 seconds
  4. Then blow dry the lacquer against the skin with low heat and low speed
  5. Use with a comb for detail work and press lightly the lace against the skin
  6. Blowdry until the lace is completely dry
  7. You are now completely ready and ready for a new day!

You do not need to wash the wig after each use of the spray, instead moisten a towel and press lightly against the lace to remove the spray. Let your wig dry!